Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

A passzív szerkezet gyakorlása



Turn the following active sentences into passive.


1.Somebody has stolen my valuable collection of stamps.

2.The mice have eaten all the cheese.

3.They can reach the town by midnight.

4.You must work for a university degree very hard.

5.They say that you are very poor.

6.Everybody was talking about our new plan.

7.They gave me this nice book for my birthday.

8.They gave my little brother a big ball.

9.They needn’t have waited for us.

10.Don’t let the others see your work.

11.Someone has taken two of my apples.

12.The cleaning lady should have dusted the furniture on Friday.


A megoldások lentebb találhatók.

















1.My valuable collection of stamps has been stolen.

2.All the cheese has been eaten by the mice.

3.The town can be reached by midnight.

4.A university degree must be worked for very hard.

5.You are said to be very poor.

6.Our new plan was being talked about by everybody.

7.This nice book was given to me for my birthday. / I was given this nice book for my birthday.

8.A big ball was given to my little brother. / My little brother was given a big ball.

9.We needn’t have been waited for.

10.Don’t let your work be seen by the others.

11.Two of my apples have been taken.

12.The furniture should have been dusted by the cleaning lady on Friday.